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Veteran's Day

A Great Success

Letters to Veterans
Our 7th Grade students wrote individual letters of gratitude to our Veterans which were displayed throughout the auditorium.
Heartfelt, respectful and thoughtfully composed, the letters revolved around the themes of sacrifice, service and selflessness. Upon reading the dozens of letters displayed, one of our guests remarked, "I can feel the care that your students put into each letter. I felt the words were written directly to me".
Click here to read one of the letters which eloquently put into words the sentiments of the St. Mary's Family.
St Mary's rich tradition of recognizing our Veterans' patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good continued as we gathered on Wednesday. The opportunity to thank and honor members of our school family who have served our country in the Armed Forces with the return of our school-wide ceremony on Wednesday was especially meaningful this year.
The colorful presentation of Military Flags, introduction of our Veterans to student applause, and the "Pledge of Allegiance" opened the event which then continued with “The Star-Spangled Banner” sung by the choir followed by our kindergarteners singing "Gold Bless America".
A very moving rendition of the "Partner Pledge", a musical performance of "The Spirit of America" by our third grade, recognition of "Operation Troop Support", and a "Prayer for Veterans" by our sixth graders completed the service along with the choir's concluding performance of "Let there be Peace on Earth".
Thank you to our honored guests, students, Music Director Ms. Cory D'Arco, Mrs. Genevieve Fiorente, and all who worked diligently to make the event so memorable.