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Acts of Generosity


with gratitude to Alum Kevin Powers 

A tragic automobile accident involving Mrs. Powers, a young mother much beloved in the St. Mary’s School family is the reason the beautiful statue of our Mother Mary adorns the school grounds today. The community’s outpouring of support for Mrs. Powers’ family, her husband, daughters , and son Kevin also included significant efforts to build a memorial for Mrs. Powers and in 1966 the statue of Mary was dedicated with hundreds of family, friends and parishioners in attendance.

In the decades since, the statue has become integral in our mission and has remained a focal point for events of significance to our school family. May Processions, First Communions, Graduations, and other momentous occasions and events for more than five decades have been chronicled in front of the beautiful statue.

Over the years the statue’s exposure to the elements had taken its toll. During a recent visit, Mrs. Powers’ now-grown son Kevin stopped into school to introduce himself and to also share that he had arranged for renovation work to be completed on the statue. The summer of 2021 saw the reemergence of the prior grandeur thanks to the generous efforts of Kevin and with masonry repairs and landscaping attention the statue has returned to its original luster. We anticipate with gratitude another 50 plus years of events with our beloved Mary’s loving gaze.

Thank you Kevin for your gracious support of St. Mary’s as it is an honor and privilege to remember your mother’s and family’s legacy at St. Mary’s.

Betsy Kevin and family

Kevin with his Father and Sisters at the Dedication

St. Mary's School Fund Donors

Academic Year 2020/2021 Giving

St. Mary of the Annunciation Council
(gifts of $500 up to $5,000)

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ashmore
Mr. and Mrs. David Buccheri
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Burrill
Mr. Thomas J. DeSimone
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Dunn
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Farrington
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Fiorente
Dr. and Mrs. Goodman
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Guthrie
Ms. Susan Heffernan
Ms. Betsy Keady
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Lucy
Dr. and Mrs. Ramiro Manzano
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Martins
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. Tod Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O'Connell
Mr. and Mrs. Michael O’Flynn
Mr. and Mrs. Dane Poeske
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Renehan
Ms. Maura A. Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. William Wright
Mr. and Mrs. James Zampell
Mr. and Mrs. Bassil Zaza

Circle of Excellence
(gifts up to $500 )

Ms. Karen Bennett
Mrs. Helen Breen
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Brown
The Bucco Family
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Cassidy
Ms. Deborah Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Giuseppe Coviello
Mr. and Mrs. Roberto Coviello
Mr. Patrick J. DeIulis
Dr. Francis DePasquale
Mr. and Mrs. William Donahue
Mr. John J. Donoghue
Mr. & Mrs. David Dwortz
Mrs. Elizabeth Fantozzi
Mr. & Mrs. John Farmer
Mrs. Patricia Finn
Nancy Anne Fox
Mrs. Carol Fugere
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Gallanar
Mrs. Beverly Gallant
Ms. Susan E. Gallant CPA, MST
Mr. Richard Gandt
Mrs. Linda Gilligan
Mrs. Marie L. Martineau Glaros
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hinchey
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Jasper
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kircher
Mr. Stephen Kobialka
Mr. John S. Konopka
Edmund Kowalski
Mr. and Mrs. Francis LaRovere
Mr. and Mrs. John LeBlanc
Mr. and Mrs. David Loehle
Mr. and Mrs. Rich Lombard
Mr. Richard C. Lord
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Lynn
Mr. Kevin M. Lyons
Mr. Joseph Mahan & Ms. Elizabeth Bersano
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Mahoney
Ms. Sharon McNiff McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy McCarthy
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew McKinnon
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Morency
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Morrow
Mr. & Mrs. Erik Nowak
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pasquale
Ms. Victoria Piper
Mr. and Mrs. Derek Polito
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Riordan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Riordan
Mrs. Cathy Roberts
Dr. James W. and Lorraine Russell
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Saratora
Mr. William Savage
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Petros Sofronas
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Tache
Mrs. Oriana Torelli
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Tremblay
Mr. & Mrs. Feliks Vasilenko
Mr. and Mrs. James Waldinger
Mr. James Winskowicz
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wormwood
Br. Thomas Zoppo, FSC


Stronger Together Auction Sponsors

Dan and Katie Dunn

Cassidy Asphalt Paving

Jay and Sharon Burrill
Alan and Genevieve Fiorente
Tim and Cel McCarthy
Maura Sullivan
"Swimm with Timm"
Timm Heffron
Neil and Sarah Harrington

Sr. Geraldine Burns, SND
O'Connor Studios
Jack O'Connor

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