testimonials “The biggest factor for my wife and I in choosing SMA for our daughter was that we believe very deeply in faith-based education. Being Roman Catholic, and having attended Catholic Schools K-12 I know the values taught along with superior education of a private school. We think that the environment is such that it provides the best opportunity for our child to succeed and prosper, and that this environment can only really be achieved in a private school such as SMA!”
— Brendan & Susan Hourihan, current parents

“The main reason I decided on SMA was its reputation. I have heard nothing but good things from everyone I spoke to about the school. I have a few cousins that have friends with children that graduated from SMA and they still rave about their experience. When the students got to high school they were ahead of their peers that had attended other elementary schools. I have family members that also went to the school. I appreciate that religion is a classroom subject but I am also concerned about strong academics. It is so competitive today and a college degree isn’t enough anymore. I wanted to be sure that my child got off to the right start and, according to the people I spoke to, I made the right choice in SMA.”
— Holly Riordan, current parent

My education at St. Mary’s was invaluable. I was offered not only exceptional academics, but also a solid foundation of Christian values, both of which set me up to excel in public high school. After attending St.  Mary’s, I quickly surpassed my peers at Danvers High School, especially in writing. In my junior year, my Advanced Placement English teacher was remediating the rest of our class in grammar skills that I had learned in the 6th grade at St. Mary’s. Now, as a  public school elementary teacher, I can see that St. Mary’s offers a much more rigorous academic environment and fostered a work ethic that is unparalleled in publics grammar schools. As a Catholic School, teachers at St. Mary’s are also given the latitude to teach good behavior and morals through the values of Christ, enforcing what parents are already teaching at home. That unique experience set me up to make responsible decisions as a young adult, even though I chose not to continue a Catholic education in high school. I would recommend St. Mary’s to any family.
— Riley Woods, alumna

We made the decision to join the SMA community when my daughter was going into 3rd grade and we are so happy with the decision.  We then enrolled our son a year later starting in the 2nd grade.  Our daughter is now graduating the 8th grade and will be attending The Governors Academy in the fall for high school.  Without a doubt St. Mary’s offered her the opportunity to make her mark, expand her academic experience, and join an amazing faith based community and fun extracurricular activities.  St. Mary’s cares about education and community.  The teachers will challenge them but also provide an environment for them to ask questions.  She really felt she was a part of something special and could make a difference.  She was also given the opportunity to be a leader. We believe this faith based environment coupled with the caring community really provided the best opportunity for her to succeed.   We are excited to see the same come true for our son.
— Lona Therrien, former parent

I attended SMA from Preschool through grade eight.  During my years there I had all great teachers whose commitment and dedication led me to want to pursue a Education degree in September when I begin college.   I hope one day I can come back to SMA as a teacher at this great school.
— Kaitlyn Regnier, alumna

We have been very happy with the education our son is receiving at St. Mary’s. He entered SMA this year in 6th grade from our local public school and St. Mary’s has helped him make a happy, healthy transition academically and socially. We feel confident that he is getting the solid foundation for high school and then later on, college. In such a short time we see his speaking and writing skills have improved drastically with the guidance at St. Mary’s. Most importantly, the focus on greater learning is what drew us to SMA in the first place, and we are very pleased to see that our son is challenged every day to work up to his best possible academic potential.
— Barretto-D’Silva, alumnus

I wanted to share with everyone, why I chose Saint Mary of The Annunciation School in Danvers. Coming from spending 7 years abroad in international schools, and relocating in the North Shore area, we wanted to find a school that met very high standards, both in Education and in character building. SMA, from staff and faculty to families and students, made my daughter and us feel very welcome from the first moment. With teachers that have years of experience to a truly Catholic loving spirit, SMA is a great school to be in. We are more than pleased with our choice to join SMA.
— Heba, former parent

Our three children attend St. Mary of the Annunciation school.  Our oldest child is in eighth grade and we have a fourth and first grader as well.  We came to St. Mary’s in 2004 when our son Ryan entered kindergarten.  It was evident early on that we made the right choice for our son and our family when we decided on St. Mary’s.  There are numerous things about the school that we love, but what has impressed us the most is the faculty and staff.  Over the past nine years, we have experienced the school at every level.  From the pre-school and kindergarten to the elementary grades through to the middle school, the teachers that choose to teach at St. Mary’s are extremely passionate about their children and their profession.  They are always available to the parents and extend themselves by holding extra help sessions before or after school.

Additionally, the staff of the school provides an infrastructure and constancy that keeps the school running smoothly from year to year.  They are all dedicated professionals.  Whether it be the maintenance personnel, the school nurse, the office administrators, principal and vice-principal, and even the crossing guards, it easy to see that they consider our children to be their own and we know that we have chosen a school where our children will be nurtured (both mind and soul) and safe.

Lastly, the commitment of the faculty and staff to the success of their students and the school is contagious.  It leads to an increased level of parent involvement.  We and others are always looking for ways to assist in the planning and execution of different school activities.  We’ve enjoyed getting to know many of the families that we have been introduced to through the school, we have made friends for life, and we look forward to more new friends as we continue our journey through St. Mary’s.

For all the reasons mentioned above, we feel very fortunate to have a school like St. Mary of the Annunciation in our area and are thrilled to have our children enrolled there.
— Brad and Mary Jackson, former parents

“There were a number of factors that helped us in our decision to send Emma to St. Mary’s. We felt the strong curriculum, accompanied by the school ethics and the talents of the individual teachers while balanced by the tuition made St. Mary’s an easy choice. We were lucky enough to have relatives who have children already enrolled at St. Mary’s and were able to provide some insights. It was evident to us that you provide a very strong education..The teachers challenge and encourage our Daughter. They set the bar high for their expectations of the students, but are also there to support them in reaching those goals. The after school homework assistance provided by the school and the teachers has shown us a commitment to the students to succeed. We also looked at the curriculum provided and found it to be strong and based in foundation building. Some of the new math based programs we have seen elsewhere are disjointed and confusing. Your math curriculum is logical and builds upon learning each successive step. The science curriculum is teaching real science rather than skirting its edges, and providing for the study of a language better prepares the students for high school and college. We felt that the education St. Mary’s could provide, would lead to a strong foundation to succeed in high school and beyond. We are extremely pleased with our decision to send our daughter to SMA”
Richard & Joan Tomlins, former parents

“Our boys in fifth and third grade are definitely enjoying St. Mary of the Annunciation. It has been a big change from public school but their classmates and teachers have helped make the transition a smooth one. We chose SMA for several reasons: we wanted their faith to be part of their daily education, and we liked the size of the school. The smaller environment seemed to promote a close school community. We also wanted them to be more academically challenged. We feel this is definitely being accomplished here at SMA.”
— Eileen Dwortz, former parent

“There were several events that became deciding factors for our family to choose St. Mary of the Annunciation. My daughter had attended another Catholic school several towns away. We had looked into area Catholic schools but none felt like ‘home.’ I have educated myself in regards to SMA’s bullying policy, outcome, academics, and curriculum—and all have met my expectations. The encouragement, support, and warmth that is evident throughout SMA is the main reason my daughter attends SMA.”
— Janeen Fraser, former parent