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Primary Kindergarten Curriculum 

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The Religion program teaches the student about Jesus and God, how we worship, how we live as Christians, the seasons of the Church year, and about prayer.  The students are introduced to the sacrament of Baptism, the Mass and Bible stories.  They are encouraged to live as determined, loving and active members of the Church.


Phonics builds a rich foundation in phonics and phonemic awareness to help all children achieve in reading. Explicit instruction and practice is in the areas of phonemic awareness, letter recognition, sound to symbol relationship, high frequency words, writing and short and long vowels.  Students are taught to read using an organized method of encoding words and sentences.


Math introduces the student to a wide range of mathematical concepts that include number sense, numeration, patterns, basic addition and subtraction, introduction to coins and their value, telling time to the hour and counting by 2's, 5's and 10's.  The program is composed of hands on activities that help introduce and build on these skills throughout the year.


The Science curriculum provides the children with the opportunity to express their scientific thinking through reading, writing listening and speaking. Hands on activities help the children build on their knowledge and observe the relationships between literature shared with the class and observations made in the classroom and the environment around them. Science lessons are tied into Religion and Phonics lessons as they interrelate.

Social Studies

The Social Studies curriculum provides the children with the opportunity to explore new worlds and the community around them.  It is tied in with monthly holidays and celebrations throughout the year.