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Primary Grade 1 Curriculum 

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The First Grade Religion Program teaches the student about Jesus and God, how we worship, how we live as Christians, the seasons of the Church year, and about prayer. The students are introduced to the sacrament of Baptism, the Mass, and Bible stories. They are encouraged to live as determined, loving and active members of the Church.

Language Arts

  • Phonics

The phonics program is a multiskills, multisensory approach to reading and language arts. Students are taught to read by using an organized method of decoding words, and are taught to write by using an organized method of encoding words and sentences. It provides flexibility and recognizes learning styles of students. Each daily lesson integrates word attack skills, structural analysis and comprehension skills.

  • Reading

The Reading Curriculum uses explicit teaching, and active, direct instruction along with cooperative learning and reciprocal teaching to give the students a strong foundation in beginning reading skills, decoding and word study, vocabulary, comprehension, language and thinking. The students will enjoy silent reading as well as oral reading, and are exposed to rich, fresh language that delights, informs and surprises through their own lives and the lives of others.

  • Spelling/Writing

The First Grade Student will learn to spell assigned words. They will write with organization and focus, use capitals when appropriate, and use correct punctuation.


The Science Curriculum gives students a well-balanced foundation of basic science concepts based on three major blocks: Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science. The students will learn about plants, animals, our earth, weather and matter.


The first grade students are introduced to a wide range of mathematical concepts that include numeration, number theory, addition and subtraction, number sense, estimation, problem solving, and counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s. The program is composed of problem solving and hands on activities that help students get a solid foundation.

Social Studies

The Social Studies Program helps students understand themselves and the world around them. It instills in them the knowledge and skills necessary for responsible citizenship. The program begins with a study of self and family, expands to a study of neighborhood, community, state, nation and the world.