SMA Tennets and Tag

Elementary Grade 4 Curriculum 



Students express an understanding of God’s goodness and gifts through the study of the Doctrine, Scripture, Ten Commandments, Beatitudes, and Sacraments. They will explore the role of prayer in their lives, learn the ways they can live their faith, and work together in their communities and their homes to make a difference in their everyday lives.

Language Arts 

Language Arts consists of reading, writing, grammar, and spelling. The students are exposed to a variety of genre through the reading series, as well as trade books. There is a strong focus on the development of writing skills. Practice continues in the areas of grammar usage, spelling, vocabulary, as well as speaking, listening, and organizational skills.


Students will be exposed to the culture of the Ancient Romans as well as the Latin language at a gradual, yet rigorous pace. We use a systematic study of the Latin language, and a focus on derivative work and vocabulary building. Students learn the pronunciation of well known Latin words and phrases, the names of popular constellations, Roman numerals I-X, Roman history, and Latin prayers.


The program consists of units in Life Science (the interactions of living and non-living things to their environments), Earth Science (the changes our planet undergoes and the effects), and Physical Science (a basic introduction to Chemistry and the Periodic Table Of Elements). Students are introduced to a variety of concepts, the Scientific Method, and hands on lab experiments. Study skills are also an important part of the curriculum. Note taking, reading for content, and organizational skills, in the form of maintaining a working binder, are imperative to student success.


Students will focus on success through incremental learning and continual review. Using this approach, students retain content and develop deeper understanding of concepts and how to apply them. Students are exposed to, and will comprehend, numeration, operations, fraction concepts, estimation, number theory, number sets, number systems, intensive word problem solving strategies, as well as an introduction of pre-algebra and pre-geometry. Daily facts practice, supplemental reviews, nightly practice, and weekly study groups ensure student success.

Social Studies

Students study the geography and the people of the United States. Using the textbook, directed lessons and research, students will gain an understanding of how to use and read globes, and various maps. They will identify the five regions of the United States, be proficient in United States geography and each of the region’s major natural features, resources, and climate.