SMA Tennets and Tag

Elementary Grade 3 Curriculum 



The purpose of our Religion program is to pass on the Catholic faith so that it is understood, valued, and integrated into the whole of a student’s life. Students are taught that the Sacraments and commandments are signs of God’s love for us. The Holy Spirit guides the students to make the right decisions according to the teachings of God. The liturgical year is studied. The most important aspect is that the students are taught that our faith is not something that is just learned, it must be lived.

Language Arts

The Language Arts program uses increased fluency and decoding skills to further comprehension. Students use predictions, sequencing, vocabulary, details, and summaries to draw conclusions about what they are reading. They then articulate their understandings and ideas in written form. The emphasis is on writing cohesive paragraphs including a topic sentence, three detail sentences, and a concluding paragraph. The curriculum also addresses the parts of speech, capitalization, abbreviations, punctuation, and spelling. Students are expected on to apply grammar and spelling knowledge to their writing, and the revision process.


The Mathematics curriculum is a unique structure of instruction that promotes student success through sound educational practices of incremental development and continual review. Its emphasis is on number sense development, problem solving, understanding mathematical signs, symbols, and the ability to organize thoughts.


A diverse Science program is used through the study of life, earth, and physical science. The curriculum is designed to equip students with the interest and ability to deal with the processes of scientific investigation and data organization. Students are encouraged to protect the Earth through a study of pollution and recycling.

Social Studies

The students learn about different kinds of communities including, Native American communities, Early Colonies, and the formation of the United States. State and national elections are investigated. Black history and presidential reports are presented. A variety of math skills are introduced. Students learn about directions, how to find and plot places on a map, and how to measure distances using bar scales. It teaches and reinforces study skills, critical thinking skills, and writing skills.