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"The days are long, some are harder than others.  The job a teacher does is not easy. On your toes all day long.  Trying to learn the work your kids have learned . We take school, teachers and all the staff for granted!  Being a parent is hard. Now being a full time teacher. We are blessed to have such great staff at SMA to keep checking on us and keeping our spirits up during this time.  Stay safe and healthy!"

"Google classroom has been wonderful. Thank you so much for all that you did to set that up so quickly.  My son seems less nervous and upset because he has his teachers and friends together on line. The learning is important, but the sense of community and togetherness is what the kids need right now. I can’t thank you all enough for that!"

Hello Elementary Education Team!
A quick note to so thanks for working so quickly to formulate an education and teaching plan for the students. It's truly an unusual time amidst unprecedented circumstances and there are a lot of variables to take into account. Our son will certainly remember this time in his life, and I'm grateful for the constancy and routine this process will afford him as well as the ongoing communications from the school.

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Through plague eyes I realize there’s an important distinction between social connection and social solidarity. Social connection means feeling empathetic toward others and being kind to them. That’s fine in normal times.

Social solidarity is more tenacious. It’s an active commitment to the common good — the kind of thing needed in times like now.

This concept of solidarity grows out of Catholic social teaching. It starts with a belief in the infinite dignity of each human person but sees people embedded in webs of mutual obligation — to one another and to all creation. It celebrates the individual and the whole together, and to the nth degree.

Solidarity is not a feeling; it’s an active virtue.

David Brooks

New York Times Editorial

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